About EquinEdge

The EquinEdge team consists of professional handicappers and data scientists working toward a common goal, the revival of the sport of kingsWe intend to reinvigorate this industry and bring horse racing to newer and younger audiences around the world. We will always be innovating new tools and features in an effort to make the game more convenient and fun for veteran and new players alike.


EquinEdge is the future of handicapping.

– Scotty McKeever

Who is Scotty?

The EquinEdge story begins with a passionate horseplayer named Scotty McKeever. Scotty was the traditional player who grew up at the track spending hours studying a racing form. He developed a system based on looking at a handful of key factors which would allow him to give a grade or class number to each horse in a race. This style of handicapping served him well as he started to make a name for himself at the track. 

Outside of horse racing, Scotty started his first business, Universal Metals, at 22 years of age and still owns it today employing over 50 people.

Being a numbers-oriented guy, Scotty started to experiment with algorithms to create class numbers for every horse. He started working with data scientists and after a few years of R&D, Scotty launched MyHorsePlayer.com, which was the first service to provide an algorithm-based class number and competition rating metric. 

Due to the high cost of servers running complex algorithms in 2007, Scotty had to pull the plug on the company but never gave up on his dream. “People weren’t ready for it,” Scotty said. “They didn’t grasp the potential of the computational power of algorithms and how they could be utilized in handicapping.”

Scotty continued to use his system personally and went on to gain notoriety for hitting multiple five and six-figure pick 6’s, including one for $1.2 million at Del Mar. Scotty also became an analyst and broadcaster for TVG Network.

With the advent of A.I. and machine learning technology, Scotty saw an opportunity to take his dream to the next level. Over the past 5 years, the EquinEdge team has been working to find the most efficient ways to utilize A.I. for not only handicapping but enjoying the overall horse racing experience.


EquinEdge Leadership

Scott McKeever

CEO, Founder

Michael Maiorana

COO, Managing Partner

John Tseng

CTO, Data Scientist

Brad Powell


Logan McCoy

Design Director, UI/UX & Branding

Maxim Maltsev

Front End Developer

Toni Battaglia

PR & Marketing Director

Ruben Roel

Digital Marketing Manager

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