Is it possible to get reliable horse racing tips and learn the art of handicapping at the same time? There are so many statistics to track in horse racing that beginners easily get overwhelmed and discouraged. 

There’s a lot of horse racing tipsters out there that offer all kinds of magic bullet answers, but many of these are hucksters. 

The best betting strategy out there is to develop your own skills and master the art of handicapping for yourself. Developing expert skills will free you of having to rely on cheap betting tips.

If you want the most accurate horse racing tips, and be able to teach yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is a Handicapper?

Handicappers study all the horse racing data available from past races in order to not only find a winner but also identify the best bet to play.

No handicapper can see the outcome with 100% accuracy. But with the right data and expertise a handicapper can get as close to predicting the future as possible.

Can statistics really make that much of a difference? Past races can tell you a lot about how a horse is going to perform. But there are so many statistics to track that you can easily get confused.

So where can a beginner go to get the most reliable horse racing tips?

Horse Race Betting vs Mastery of Handicapping

The sport of horse racing is not merely about striking a winning bet once in a while.

Those who play the game for life are in it for more than money. Striking a lucky bet here and there is fun. But if you want to play for life, you need to play smart.

Traditionally, a lifetime player would conduct research. Check the past performances, learn about a track, learn about genetic strength, and much more.

But with big data, you don’t need to spend your life buried in research.

The goal of EquinEdge is to bring the power of big data and artificial intelligence into the palm of your hand.

This way, you’re not merely betting, you’re using data to optimize your personal strategy.

There’s always going to be some element of luck on any bet. You can’t control fortune, but if you’re better prepared you can put yourself in a better position.

Win the race, earn the knowledge.

What Is a Tout Service and Should You Use One?

Many horse racing beginners wonder what a tout service is and how they can help pick a winning horse. 

Tout services basically sell you the experience of an expert who can generate picks.

This is a quick solution that will get you the desired result (horses that have a good chance of winning), but you don’t learn anything in the process.

You’d gain more value for your money by engaging a service that gives you picks and also helps you learn how to read horse racing statistics for yourself. 

That way, you’ll have picks if you want them, but you won’t need to rely completely on the advice of experts.

EquinEdge Gives You The Edge — Not Only Tips, But Strategy

Unlike a tout service that will send you picks or occasional free bets, EquinEdge never tells you what to bet.

Rather, the system is subjective and can be improved upon.

Basically, the more you play with EquinEdge, the better at handicapping you become. 

You can get expert picks for every race via “Scotty’s Picks” if you want them, but you also get exclusive access to raw data organized into convenient, proprietary measurements like Win% and SOR (strength of race).

This means you can start horse playing right away and learn as you go. No other horse racing tool can deliver you the same experience.

EquinEdge Is Used By Handicapping Pros

Recently, on an episode of EquinEdge’s live Night at the Races broadcast, Scotty McKeever and Jose Contreras shared some expert tips on what they like about EquinEdge and how the tools help them in their handicapping.

Better handicapping is about more than increased chances of winning, it’s about crafting a masterful approach to the game.

The Subtle Art of Hiding Horses

Jose admitted he’s not mastered the genetic strength rating (GSR) yet, but he is loving the “hide horse” function. Here’s why:

  • The hide horse function is simple
  • It lets you quickly eliminate non-contender horses
  • Elimination increases the statistical potential of your ticket
  • With fewer horses to analyze, the algorithms can give a more accurate reading

By eliminating horses that have little to no chance of winning, the field narrows right away. This makes the chances of generating a winning ticket increase exponentially.

To try to do these calculations by hand, minutes before a race, would be impossible.

The hide horse function gives you an instant advantage on the track.

Find The Hidden Opportunities of Every Track, Every Race

Every race course, every track, and every race is different. Yet, hidden behind each race is a different opportunity to win big. Someone always wins.

Familiarity with tracks differs. Even expert handicappers are not familiar with every course and the various opportunities and issues they present.

Jose attested to this during the Night at The Races live show. It’s impossible to know the unique challenges and opportunities that a course brings to a race.

EquinEdge gives you the dirt on each course, so you can make split decisions just minutes before any race on any track.

The type of course, and how a horse’s abilities factor into that course, is part of the 11 different algorithms running in the background of the EquinEdge app.

So you don’t need to guess, and you don’t need to study a course in advance.