The EquinEdge app is a superior handicapping tool for horse players at every level. For those of us working on improving the app, it brings great pleasure to hear success stories like Debbi’s.

At first, Debbi was hesitant to purchase the Unlimited subscription to EquinEdge. “I am not a high dollar player,” she says. She made the investment, and EquinEdge ended up paying for itself after her first win.

What convinced Debbi that EquinEdge was worth the cost? First of all, the ticket generator. With a few clicks, EquinEdge instantly generates a ticket with the highest probability of producing winning results. The potential profit of an EquinEdge ticket is determined by 11 different machine learning algorithms plus the relative experience of the player.

Secondly, Debbi appreciated how the EquinEdge interface makes reading stats a pleasure. “I love that I can see all the changes in a race [and jockey/trainer stats] on one screen…in a chart comparison,” Debbi says. And, after listening to the webinar, Debbi learned how to use the “hide horse” feature to eliminate horses she’s not interested in.

Debbi demonstrates how even a conservative play strategy has the potential to yield impressive results. Before using EquinEdge, a big play for Debbi was worth about $400. The first day using EquinEdge Debbi won $1200 on a $27 ticket at Del Mar. A few weeks later, she hit $1700 on a $40 ticket. “Results not typical 😉,” Debbi quips. But those wins were only a preview of the big hit Debbi made at Churchill Downs in November:

EquinEdge is not just about generating picks. Rather, it’s a tool that helps you become a better handicapper. Debbi demonstrates how EquinEdge helps her master the art of handicapping. When she sees a price play or Scotty pick that isn’t on her radar, she checks the past performances on HandiView for more information about that horse. This back and forth comparison helps Debbi learn as she plays on the path to mastery.

Debbi is looking forward to a new year full of smart wagers with EquinEdge at her side.