On behalf of the EquinEdge team, I’d like to thank you all for your enthusiasm and support. 

The Early Bird Program has been a tremendous success. Your kind words and positive feedback have been overwhelming.

Remember, your opinions, feedback, and experience are important as EquinEdge goes through future improvements and updates. So please keep sharing!

Improvements for Mobile and Tablet Viewing

Many EquinEdge users are getting a lot of value out of the mobile and tablet views. So you can expect ongoing improvements in this area.

Please note that these images are just conceptual mockups and real data is not being displayed:

Dashboard Getting Better

Our new dashboard

Our Interactive Dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of different areas a horse player may want to monitor. Remember, everything in the dashboard is clickable and will redirect you to the race you’re interested in.


Handiview | EquinEdge

We have added more data such as horse time, equipment, field size and age. We have also created a new proprietary breeding metric which will help with first time starters and horses racing at a new distance or on a new surface for the first time.

Changes Tab

Changes tab | EquinEdge

We are building a more expansive and convenient changes tab. Notice the gold highlights for first-time changes. Special notation in this tab lets you know of first-time changes that might affect your decision-making.

Jockey / Trainer Tab

Trainer and jockey tab | EquinEdge

We’ve combined the jockey and trainer into one tab and it will now show horses a jockey was aboard in their last start.

We’re Always Improving

It’s safe to say you can always expect improvements across the EquinEdge app.

Remember, our help center is always open if you have any questions or comments or just feel like reading some helpful documentation.