Can you generate a winning horse racing ticket in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee? 

It’s possible, but not the best strategy you could take. It takes time to digest all the relevant statistics and draw critical insights.

For some players, there’s too much data to go through, and they will want to rely on a tout service or expert pick to tell them what horses to play. 

But wouldn’t it be better to have some guidance and an easy way to practice generating better tickets?

Players who are trying to develop their own skills are not content to rely on experts. They want to become an expert themselves without having to spend a lifetime studying past performance data.

You may be asking yourself, how much can I really win on horse betting? But that’s not the question you should be asking at this point in the game.

If you’re interested in learning how to become a master at horse handicapping then your focus should be on learning.

How To Know Your Chances of Winning

Being able to look at past performances (history of the horse) and determine which horses have the best chance of winning is the art you’re hoping develop. 

The problem is finding the time to learn what all the stats mean and how to draw insights from what they tell you.

You might think, well, I can use a horse racing app to help out. Advances in big data technology have failed to find their way into the sport or horse racing–until now.

EquinEdge is the only tool currently available that helps new and experienced horse players take advantage of machine learning technology. 

11 finely-tuned algorithms churn through historical data in a fraction of a second to give you the critical insights you need to generate a ticket.

How is this better than a tout service?

EquinEdge doesn’t simply tell you what to bet. Rather, it’s doing the number crunching in the background and presenting you the most important data in a slim, attractive, easy-to-read interface.

This is how you can quickly and easily find out which horses have the best chance of winning, eliminate horses you’re not interested in, and generate a ticket with the best possible odds.

Horse Handicapping At the Speed of Thought

Before you’ve even decided which races you want to play, EquinEdge has delivered you data gold. So maybe you can handicap a race in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee. 

But there’s no need to rush. EquinEdge lets you be picky. Take a look at the horses, select from various wager types, eliminate the horses you’re not interested in, sort by Win% or SoR (Strength of Race), and you’ve already increased the accuracy of your ticket.

Or, let’s say you’re at the track. Races are happening every 25-30 minutes. If you want to play that next race, you only have a few moments to do your calculations. 

You think you’ll have time to make the best wager you can? 

EquinEdge cuts your handicapping time way down by doing all of your initial homework for you. You’ll get the benefit of all the historical data available telling you which horses have the best chance of winning. Add your own intuition and you have the best possible chances.

Remember, EquinEdge doesn’t tell you what to bet or what to play. Rather, it churns through thousands of statistics and crunches numbers faster than any human ever could so you can save all that mental energy and make better decisions in the ticket generation process.

Whether you’re betting on horses or playing for fun with friends, EquinEdge gives you the edge you need to become a master handicapper.