In horse racing, there’s no crystal ball that will show you a winner. Your nearest assets are statistics, experience and a little luck. The art of predicting a race result, based on which horses have the best chance of winning, is known as handicapping.

Handicapping Before EquinEdge

For years, analyzing past performances has been the standard for horse handicappers. Imagine a waterfall of data, finely printed, filling your eyes with numbers and names. It can be confusing to say the least. Most people would give up without even trying to understand what past performances can tell them about a race.

Even if you can decode what each statistic means, you still need to develop a system of using that data in a way that helps you predict which horse has the best chance of winning. You may look at the speed of a horse, pace of race, post position, jockey, trainer, past races, and a multitude of different angles.

The EquinEdge Difference

EquinEdge does it differently. Instead of dropping the stats on you, a machine learning algorithm churns through the data for you and generates insights. 

The race selector lets you jump around the day’s races so you can look ahead and see which ones you’d be interested in handicapping.

Once you’ve decided on a race, the real magic begins. The race view lets you look more closely at the horses that will be running, make eliminations, view stats, and generate your ticket when you’re ready. 

The Handiview provides you with an easier to understand view of the past performances along with a few custom metrics developed exclusively for EquinEdge.

Handiview | EquinEdge

If you want to know which horses have the best chance of winning, according to a proprietary algorithm, you will get it.

But if you want to become a better handicapper, you don’t need to stop there. EquinEdge was meant to be improved upon. You can customize your ticket using a blend of your own knowledge and the computer’s opinion to give you the best chance of winning.

This intuitive approach to handicapping is a first in horse racing.

How will you use EquinEdge? Check out our Help Center, where you can learn more about the tool and see it in action.

Remember, EquinEdge lets you be subjective. The app will never tell you what to bet, rather it’s telling you what the statistics say so you don’t have to decode them yourself. How you choose to act on the data is up to you. This is how EquinEdge helps you become a better handicapper and have more fun at the track.